College of Forestry

WFGRS 2021

The 2021 Western Forestry Graduate Research Symposium was held virtually on April 16! Videos from the symposium are below, you’ll find student presentations, and a keynote presentation from Dr. Crystal Kolden.
2021 Program (pdf)

Welcoming Remarks and Keynote Address


Morning Session A
Claire Tortorelli | Interactions between plant community trait composition and environmental stress influence community resistance to a recent annual grass invader, Ventenata dubia
Rebecca Weber | Can the rate of vegetation recovery predict reburn severity?
Katie Wampler | Predicting source water quality following wildfires using hydrologic modeling
Sam Freedman | Modeling the financial viability & carbon sequestration potential of agroforestry and silvopasture in southern Vermont, U.S.
Ben Rushakoff | An analysis of Oregon’s preferential forest property tax programs: Results from a survey study


Morning Session B
Mark Kerstens | Moving between green and black: Natal dispersal and survival of juvenile Black-backed Woodpeckers (Picoides arcticus)
Jason Piasecki | Red tree voles: Exploring forest occupancy
Rachel Zitomer | Forest age and floral resource availability drive native bee abundance and diversity in intensively managed forests of the Oregon Coast Range
Dustin Gannon | Pairing automated mark-recapture and social network models to explore the effects of forest encroachment on hummingbird movement
Jordan Ellison | Investigating the conservation value of slash piles for Pacific martens and fishers


Afternoon Session A (note the video starts in the middle of the first presentation)
Madelene Elfstrom | Drought resistance and resilience in mature Douglas-fir in western Oregon
Stephanie Winters | Resistance or resilience in soil carbon pools? Exploring soil carbon dynamics using common forest organic matter removal practices in Long Term Soil Productivity sites from California to New Zealand
Lucie Law | Riparian restoration: Planted tree and shrub survival and growth
Sudeera Wickramarathna | Assessment of the herbicide effectiveness on reed canary grass
Kathy Young | Undergraduate research experiences: Impacts and opportunities
Colby Parkinson | Environmental- and individual-level determinants of outdoor recreation participation during the COVID-19 pandemic


Afternoon Session B (note that the broadcast starts in the middle of the first presentation):
Nathan Ryan | Effects of overexpressing the GRF4-GIF1 transcription factor chimera on transformation efficiency in Populus and Eucalyptus
Xavier Vinton Tacker | CRISPR-modification of floral genes in Eucalyptus: Impacts on flower structure and pollen development
Carver Heine | Impact of classification algorithms on modeling forest ground from point clouds
Todd West | Heuristic optimization of thinning individual Douglas-fir: Behind the scenes
Mandira Pokharel | Timber faller safety on integrated mechanized operations in steep terrain
Jun Zhai | Incidence of domestic subsidies vs. export taxes: An equilibrium displacement model of log and lumber markets in Oregon