2017 Keynote Speaker

Please join us in welcoming Teresa Cavazos Cohn!

Teresa Cavazos Cohn is a cultural geographer and professor of Science Communication at the University of Idaho’s McCall Field Campus. If not an anti-disciplinarian, Teresa is an interdisciplinarian, who has taught in both Earth Sciences and Environmental Humanities programs, and draws from techniques used in both. Her research includes hydrosocial relationships (with emphasis on Indigenous water issues), culturally-relevant STEM education, and science communication.

Within the field of science communication, Teresa is particularly interested in the role of storytelling in science communication and the environment, and the diversity of its audiences and voices. She explores collaborations between disciplines—such as poets and chemists, or musicians and remote sensors—but also the ways in which science communication supports the creative core of scientists. This creative engagement in the critical issues of our time may be, in physicist David Bohm’s word on creativity, “the most important thing to be done in the circumstances in which humanity now finds itself.”

In addition to building the science communication program at the UI McCall Outdoor Science School, Teresa works with NASA’s Earth to Sky/ABoVE climate change communication program in Canada’s Northwest Territories; the USGS Northwest Climate Science Center-MOSS climate fellows program; and with Northern Arapaho educators on digital storytelling and science initiatives.